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by Be Brave Bold Robot



This is a smattering of songs from our albums for the casual passerby to be enticed by. The "Albums" proper have a bit more flow, with interstitial tracks and such... please listen to them in their entirety. Have Fun! - contact = deanhaakenson at gmail


released April 20, 2017



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Be Brave Bold Robot Sacramento

"BE BRAVE is the sort of band who make me reconsider throwing in the towel every time I listen to their inventive pop masterpiece ‘Take A Deep Breath’. There are few occasions when you hear a band for the first time and know implicitly that you are going to love everything that they do. This is one of those bands."

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Track Name: R.E.C.I.P.E.
though I may listen while you tell me all about
how you saw jesus and the angels coming out his mouth,
I do it out of love, a patient reverence of
the thing inside you that just wants to be understood.
but I can't understand how any grown human can
think it more than just a product of the mind of man.
it is the deepest well, and I have seen it swell
my head with demons and a god I thought I knew so well.
but I began to see that what was god was me.
you fill a baby full of rules, that's all he's gonna be;
searching eternally, in each epiphany.
Desperation turns to manufacturing meaning

till it's gotten your thoughts in a dogmatic box,
deliberately blocking the gospel
the most recent news of our evolution.
the collective mind has found devine
(and the night...)

becomes a normal thing, and when the morning brings
our piece of planet back around into the scattering
of sunlight in the air, a blanket blueing,
where the stars delighted, I promise that they're all still there
beyond our atmosphere, way out, we've measured.
where we feared reproachment,
just a vacuum and some burning spheres

and if we go to hell, they won't care.
cuz they're just there.

I've heard it all before;
"we don't know what's in store.
it takes your life to learn to live and then ya live no more
so it'd be tragic if, instead of magic,
it's just blackness waiting beyond death's door.
this aint all we're here for, there's something more
a meaning to this mess, of this we're all so sure
heaven's doors will open onto all of our rewards
timeless, painless in the bosom of the Lord
all will be forgiven, this reckless way of living
the pain we bring, this human thing - just pray it away

and we'll remind ourselves everyday (or at least once a week)
and it won’t get in the way

I got alotta shit to do, you know I gotta get paid
hit and miss with that decency, it's okay
there’s another world after this one anyway
so right now we should all just be
Breeding and Driving, Yeah! (human race in first place)
BREEDING AND DRIVING, YEAH! (human beans reign supreme)

We are living in an ever-growing age of reason
where science is the reason for the seasons
we used to make all of it up to service just one purpose;
a Land without a Law can make alotta people nervous
although still we find the evildoers all around
the say “teach em god is great and the guilt’ll keep em straight
cuz it’s the praying and the rituals that will unite us”
Like I can’t love a man without a bible in my hand, and so
I cry out Sham, take a goddamn stand
and I’ll cry it again and again and again
and if that magic land doesn’t let me in
I run that risk for reasons far outweighing all my sins
to train the brans to not forget that since the dawn of man
we made the questions and then made up ways to answer them
and been replacing gods with observations ever since
and I got a feeling that we’ll figure out this puzzle yet
and learn to love like we were never told that we were broke and
maybe one day I will see you free of this burden
it’s a tragic distraction
you know you make the magic!
Track Name: Gridlocked
A subtle rain’s enough to keep the two of us from lover’s leap
And far away from kayaking in shallow lakes nearby
Where motorboats are not allowed and a family begins to crowd
Toward dryer kitchens in cabins they’ve rented near the shore
Far from bored, we imaginate that we’re experts nearing season 8
On The “Let’s Get Crazy Cabin Crew” HGTV show.
And though we know this can’t last forever, a borrowed shelter in stormy weather
We’ll spend this time we have together, making mountain love

We leave behind all the things that we’ve made
Hoping to find a more meaningful place
A change in perception, a chaotic wave
To wash us right over while we stand brave
A hole in the fence where the roads are unpaved
And ooze with adventure and lead us to caves
I know we will leave here, we’ve people to save
So if there are gods, let me hold this mindframe

A town and country odyssey, a wind star voyaging chevy
Astro mini superVan, and the family contained within
Know not if there’s a better way to make happiness stay so they
Promise they’ll return from home when chilly rain submits to snow.
So down the mountain, down they go, a CEO from old Frisco
A thousand up, a single horse, astride atop shiny new Porsche
There’s hella dudes, huge trucks with racks,
extreme bro-brahs in fitted caps with bills to backs, forgot exactly what sport team they’re for
I was born to self Navigate, but ancient instincts get replaced
By embraced races safely leading fastest to my cage where there’s

Three squared Miles, a habitat encasing all the
Things I’ve made and the places where I made them
Three squared miles of easy flat terrain where
Three square meals fill body and brain

With just enough to do to numb down the memory
Of rainfall mountainside, and being there at night
Hard as I try to keep an inner energy
steeped in Wild Scents,
evaporation happens
unless it’s soaked again.
Nomadic Tribes may pepper my ancestry,
But Nurture must win out, cuz I don’t leave the house
What would the caveman do? ( I ask myself)
What would the caveman do?
What would the caveman do?
Track Name: A letter to Violet Edison (w Death Grips' Flatlander Andy Morin on drums)
Growing up, I never had a room of my own
But now, the coop has been flown
I go to school, and I got a kinda nice job
Got some pretty good roommates and mom doesn’t call so much
The other day, I was in the basement
There was a door I had never seen before.
I thought good thoughts, pushed it and the light shown in.
It alighted on a letter, that read:

Dearest Violet Edison:

This is a Love Poem. I just wanted to Say, if the world were to end today, and I was the only one left, the first headstone that I’d erect, of the millions, would be yours. And it would read

( she had a book that changes lives on the back of her toilet. And she saw what once was wise in the eyes of everyone she met. And she never pointed fingers, and she kept her pallet wet. Thus she died, self applied, absent of regret )