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Album Review by Andy Singer, Self-Appointed Music Critic, and World Famous Illustrator at ::

"Well heck, that's just one of the greatest CDs I've ever heard and some of the best songs, raps and sound clips I've ever heard. It's perfect. Not a bad note, a bad word, a bad sound on the entire thing. Thank you for making it and thank you for sharing it with me. After two complete listenings, I feel somehow mentally, spiritually and emotionally elevated.

Sacramento-- The city should make this their national anthem. It's
simultaneously beautiful (reminding me of going out to see the Sandhill Cranes in the delta this past December and everything I love about California) and funny (the faux monumental guitar solo and certain lyrics). I'd send a copy to the mayor and city council. They'd be fools not to pass a resolution adopting it as the city's anthem.

Epiphany 1-- I can't decide whether this and other excerpts of
interactions with this woman and other people are recordings of hanging out with people on LSD or clips from some Linklater "Dazed and Confused" type movie ...but it doesn't matter and I like the ambiguity. (Aren't we all in some crazy movie?) I feel like, in parts of this CD, you went around recording interactions with people while tripping, and then incorporated things that were said into lyrics of songs. In general, this CD has an improvisational looseness and energy combined with some great post-production and musical choreography that makes it fantastic.

Grown Ass Man-- this jumping around of musical styles only heightens the super creative looseness and energy of the CD ...and your song writing, personal voice comes through whether you're rapping, singing or whispering to someone. Good stuff.

RECIPE-- GREAT SONG!!!! Shit fuck damn it's great. Among other things, it kind of captures my ambivalence towards my wife's faith
(Catholicism/Christianity). I just don't and can't believe in any of the
major organized religions but I appreciate that everyone's experience of them is unique and therefore religion is kind of a blank slate (a rough template) with some ancient texts that people can interpret however they want. I accept this and accept my wife's faith and she accepts mine and there are definitely a lot of metaphysical points we connect on ...but I have an underlying dislike or frustration with religions and how they get used/manipulated to do awful crap to other people. OTOH, I guess, at the core, I'm just frustrated with humanity since, even without religions, we'd probably find some reason to do awful crap to each other. Recent world events just heighten this feeling. Great great song.

Best Band Ever-- bridges this gap between recording random interactions (found-sound clips) and post-production. It's kind of unsettling, which is a good thing (I think) in music. You have to unsettle people a little to get them to listen to anything new.

Book of Love-- GREAT SONG!!! Totally beautiful. Makes me cry.

Kiss my mouth-- another nice little sound-clip. I like the CD's format of
songs or rap tunes interspersed with these little sound clip interactions
with people.

I had forgotten my light Jacket-- "You can find gold in shit if you can
hack it." Yes indeed. Another great rap song. Again, I like how you've
translated your song writing style into rap and make anthems and beauty from simple things.

Epiphany 3-- reminds me of trying to reason with or calm down a tripping person who is flipping out. For some reason this gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling of mostly positive memories of youthful drug use.

Burning Stuff-- Another great song. I'm running out of superlatives for
this CD. The way you put words together has a little "They might be
giants" a little "paul simon" a dash of early "Mc900 Foot Jesus" (song
"spaceman") and all sorts of other goodnesses while also being completely unique. I love it.

Go Away-- also great! There are a lot of Ladybugs in Minnesota. I'm told they're of Asian ancestry. Probably they were brought in for biological pest control but maybe they come of their own volition. In the winter, they burrow into house walls to try to stay warm (as they would burrow into cliffs in Asia). I think, in nature, they would just hibernate until spring but some of them make it through the walls of the house and end up waking up or wandering around our house where they get hungry and dehydrated, and eventually die. So, when I find them, I try to put them in the bathroom (where it's damp) and feed them wet raisins (something I read about on the internet and they seem to like). It's nuts. "Ladybugs are hard to read. Who am I to think I know what they need?" ...So this song makes me think of that.

RN's Godsong-- GREAT SONG. Shit damn fuck it's great. A total proverb folk song anthem.

FIGHT-- Sad yet funny. I hope it's not a permanent autobiographical state of affairs. Another great song-- Loose yet great musical arrangements.

Roger Miller Medley-- You definitely have a little Roger Miller in you--
"you can't roller skate in a buffalo herd ...but you can be happy if
you've a mind to." Great cover of King of the Road.

You're not crazy-- More tripping people goodness.

Sonerda-- Great. Again lyric melding of things unconsciously said,
unconsciously felt into beautiful, loose song anthems. The whispered kinda drug-induced conversation at the end helps draw this connection.

Fuck this is a great CD. The music and culture business is fickle, warped and insane but, if there's any justice this should be an international #1 Album. You made it. You and your collaborators are music gods! (Polytheism is much more fun than monotheism). Whatever happens, you can rest easy knowing that, at some moment in your life, you made something this beautiful."


released January 1, 2015

Dean Haakenson (Acoustic Guitar, Vox) wrote all songs exc. 7, 13, 15 /// J. Matthew Gerken (Bass, Vox) Engineered and Produced 1, 4, 7, 11, 13, 15 /// David Middleton (Guitar throughout) Produced 9 /// Josh Grayem ( Electronicated and Produced 17, 14, 12 (Rachel Wagner ( Piano/Vox) /// Mike Ruiz IS Percussion /// Catie Turner IS Viola (exc. Damian Sol solo on 15) /// Jeremy Pagan Guitarded 1, 13 /// Scott Ballard Mastered The Album and raps 6 (Andrew Barnhart beat ( /// Carly Duhain IS Female Vox /// Mr. Hooper raps 3 (Jared Cabuag beat) /// Chris Blomquist parties 17 /// Darren Ragle ( IS Album Art /// Thanks Eric Fate! /// Ride Your Bike You Fat Fuck 2015



all rights reserved


Be Brave Bold Robot Sacramento

"BE BRAVE is the sort of band who make me reconsider throwing in the towel every time I listen to their inventive pop masterpiece ‘Take A Deep Breath’. There are few occasions when you hear a band for the first time and know implicitly that you are going to love everything that they do. This is one of those bands."

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Track Name: Sacramento
Rivers and Railroads have made up this town
the same waterways that our Trees travelled down
C7 F
to find rest in riverbeds and meet Destiny
Am C F-Em-G-C
Keeping us Sacred in its Grand Canopy
F F-Em-G-C
God Bless Sacramento.....and The Birds in her Trees

A gift for Sierra at the Base of the Hills
left by Saint Francisco and growing ever still
a gateway from the bay to Lago Tahoe
as Varied our Landscape, So be our People
Worldly Sacramento......a Melting Pot Full

Four Major Highways of shimmering lanes
supplanting, surrounding the Museum Trains
in old town, The Whole Town has become a City
heart of one of the largest Economies
God Bless Sacramento, and our Gorgeous County

C - G#7 - C - G#7 - - F#7 - - C7 - A7 - G#7 - G7

Business & Poor Men & Politicians
Artists & Lovers, all denominations
it's much less, our differences age rank and class
Than finding your own spot of Capitol Park Grass
A Peace on Sacramento.....Tranquil as Glass

So Find a Bicycle and ride it all day
the bike lanes all arranged to safely convey
and know that we're lucky although we may sneeze
Metropolis plopped amidst Sanctuary
I miss you Sacramento......everytime I leave
God Bless You Sacramento.......
and your stiff delta breeze
and your bats and your bees?........
and the birds in your trees.
Track Name: R.E.C.I.P.E. = Religion Excess and Cars Insipidly Poison Everything
though I may listen while you tell me all about
how you saw jesus and the angels coming out his mouth,
I do it out of love, a patient reverence of
the thing inside you that just wants to be understood.
but I can't understand how any grown human can
think it more than just a product of the mind of man.
it is the deepest well, and I have seen it swell
my head with demons and a god I thought I knew so well.
but I began to see that what was god was me.
you fill a baby full of rules, that's all he's gonna be;
searching eternally, in each epiphany.
Desperation turns to manufacturing meaning

till it's gotten your thoughts in a dogmatic box,
deliberately blocking the gospel
the most recent news of our evolution.
the collective mind has found devine
(and the night...)

becomes a normal thing, and when the morning brings
our piece of planet back around into the scattering
of sunlight in the air, a blanket blueing,
where the stars delighted, I promise that they're all still there
beyond our atmosphere, way out, we've measured.
where we feared reproachment,
just a vacuum and some burning spheres

and if we go to hell, they won't care.
cuz they're just there.

I've heard it all before;
"we don't know what's in store.
it takes your life to learn to live and then ya live no more
so it'd be tragic if, instead of magic,
it's just blackness waiting beyond death's door.
this aint all we're here for, there's something more
a meaning to this mess, of this we're all so sure
heaven's doors will open onto all of our rewards
timeless, painless in the bosom of the Lord
all will be forgiven, this reckless way of living
the pain we bring, this human thing - just pray it away

and we'll remind ourselves everyday (or at least once a week)
and it won’t get in the way

I got alotta shit to do, you know I gotta get paid
hit and miss with that decency, it's okay
there’s another world after this one anyway
so right now we should all just be
Breeding and Driving, Yeah! (human race in first place)
BREEDING AND DRIVING, YEAH! (human beans reign supreme)

We are living in an ever-growing age of reason
where science is the reason for the seasons
we used to make all of it up to service just one purpose;
a Land without a Law can make alotta people nervous
although still we find the evildoers all around
the say “teach em god is great and the guilt’ll keep em straight
cuz it’s the praying and the rituals that will unite us”
Like I can’t love a man without a bible in my hand, and so
I cry out Sham, take a goddamn stand
and I’ll cry it again and again and again
and if that magic land doesn’t let me in
I run that risk for reasons far outweighing all my sins
to train the brans to not forget that since the dawn of man
we made the questions and then made up ways to answer them
and been replacing gods with observations ever since
and I got a feeling that we’ll figure out this puzzle yet
and learn to love like we were never told that we were broke and
maybe one day I will see you free of this burden
it’s a tragic distraction
you know you make the magic!
Track Name: Burning Stuff
in lieu of the actual lyrics in this recording, here's the original pre-formed song structure and camp friend ideas that turned into this band song version... it truly started as a campfire singalong, and SCOTT BAILEY had lots of input and played the accordion with me at the campfires... YAY CAMPING!

A C#minor F#minor E
Lukas he is a nihilist, we think it must be exhausting (and)

A C#minor F#minor
Hefley's cooking up some Schwefley’s smoked bowls of wonder
and vickie’s singing up a thunderstorm

A C#minor F#minor E
Gaultney's warming up his left cheek, telling stories of a trail, and the comedy entailed (has)

A C#minor F#minor E
Little Dan Feet UP with his head into his beer, and he’s chuckling loud and clear (and)

A F#minor A F#minor A F#minor
Crabtree my sweet crabtree crabtree
I think he likes me
honed my blade to a keen and deadly razor


A C#minor D A
we will falter and we will bleed. we may not fill the needs that we see

C#minor D B
or believe in some days that we lead. Busy excuses, we're just plodding through,

Dminor (x2)
looking forward to…

A F#minor B E B
This Now, This Night. The Grandest Collection of people alighting, drying our wings

by the firelight.

A F#minor B E A
This Brief Society, Today I believe that we have done things right.

C#minor D A C#minor
The fight will be waiting, things obligating - so now there's nothing I'd rather do, than

pick a drug or two, and sit amongst this crew,

Dminor (x2)
Burning Stuff With You.


A - C#minor - F#minor - A

D F#minor Bminor A
Trey White, he’s all like: “What the fuck is this shit, man?”

D F#minor Bminor A
Droppin’ yard-berries, talkin’ knuckle babies, Sweet Nessa’s lurking hella hard

D F#minor Bminor A
Nathan Davis pontificates us, pacing a patient trek on the stage, and

D F#minor Bminor A
They may call him Fugly and I know it’s just play, but… those eyes… those eyes

D F#minor E - E7
Bo-De-A (The prettiest sage) Bo-De-A


Khrista, she’s got the crystals, and a glimmer in her eye, sparklin all the time

While Toddly's gettin' kinda bodily, he's fuckin' quality,
And Lukie-Dookie glugged a nanner down

Keri – she is so very - She threw this trip together, even studied up the weather

and Ray Ray’s mumbling something about something something something stapled to a paperclip

And Kessloff – Kessloff - Kessloff
goes out of his way to make us all happy
gimme the special sauce
Verse 4:

Soph calls a hack, and we got her back “cause that’s just how you do with Brown”

Emily Davis.................... seriously

Serenly marie, most will agree, ties the camp together perfectly

Where’s Nar-Nar? In his car. says he’s on his way, 45 hours late

Kat DeBurgh DeBurgyBurgyBurgh
all new rules she’s MAKING ALL NEW RULES