A letter to Violet Edison (w Death Grips' Flatlander Andy Morin on drums)

from by Be Brave Bold Robot



Growing up, I never had a room of my own
But now, the coop has been flown
I go to school, and I got a kinda nice job
Got some pretty good roommates and mom doesn’t call so much
The other day, I was in the basement
There was a door I had never seen before.
I thought good thoughts, pushed it and the light shown in.
It alighted on a letter, that read:

Dearest Violet Edison:

This is a Love Poem. I just wanted to Say, if the world were to end today, and I was the only one left, the first headstone that I’d erect, of the millions, would be yours. And it would read

( she had a book that changes lives on the back of her toilet. And she saw what once was wise in the eyes of everyone she met. And she never pointed fingers, and she kept her pallet wet. Thus she died, self applied, absent of regret )


from Greatest Hits!, released April 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Be Brave Bold Robot Sacramento

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